Avant Rotary Broom Attachment

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Avant Rotary Broom Attachment :      $8,500 AUD ($9,350 Inc. GST)

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    General purpose sweeper attachment. The Avant Rotary Broom attachment is an efficient and easy to use for various cleaning jobs.

    Three working widths available, 1100, 1500 and 2000 mm. The 1500 and 2000 mm broom attachments are equipped as standard with turning which is powered by electric actuator motor. This means turning of the broom is easily and comfortably operated with a switch from the driver’s seat.

    The floating mechanism is completely new, and now instead of wheels the brush is resting on its bristles and the whole brush axle is floating freely. This guarantees a noise free float for the brush and a lot of movement space, making sweeping easier. The broom is equipped with supports which can be extended when the broom is not in use, so that the broom rests on the supports and the nylon brush doesn’t get damaged during storage.

    - Professional sweeper with manual or electric turning
    - Broom consists of nylon brush segments which can be replaced one by one
    - Equipped with extendable supports for storage: nylon brush doesn’t get damaged during storage
    - Available in 3 sizes: 1100 mm, 1500 mm and 2000 mm

    Technical Specifications
    1100 Model
    Working width: 1100 m
    Total width: 1370 mm
    Broom diameter: 550 mm
    Turning manual with Option: Electric turning for rotary broom 1100 mm, product no. A36112 .
    Turning angle: +/- 25 °
    Weight: 170 kg
    Product no: A36067

    1500 Model
    Working width: 1500 mm
    Total width: 1770 mm
    Broom diameter: 550 mm
    Turning: electric
    Turning angle: +/- 25 °
    Weight: 200 kg
    Product no: A35284

    2000 Model
    Working width: 2000 mm
    Total width: 2270 mm
    Broom diameter: 550 mm
    Turning: electric
    Turning angle: +/- 25 °
    Weight: 260 kg
    Product no: A35583

    The optional Opticontrol is recommended on the mini loader with this attachment

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