Avant Winch Attachment

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Avant Winch Attachment :      $4,500 AUD ($4,950 Inc. GST)

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    Hydraulic Winch Attachment for towing a variety of objects

    The Avant hydraulic winch enables towing of all kinds of objects from hard to access areas with the Avant compact mini loader is unable to access. It’s ideal for pulling out logs, poles and boats from places where you cannot drive with the machine.

    The Avant Winch attachment is equipped with a safety net screen, 30 m of wire rope and a towing hitch. It is powered by a powerful hydraulic motor and mounts on the Avant compact loader quick attach plate.

    Use of the winch is simple, one person can easily handle it. The auxiliary hydraulics control lever is switched to continuous flow (locking position) from the driver’s seat, which releases the wire drum so that the wire can be pulled out by hand. When the wire is attached to the desired object, the operator returns to driver’s seat and turns the auxiliary hydraulics lever to opposite direction and the winch begins to reel in the rope. The winch stops as soon as the auxiliary hydraulics control lever is released.

    - Powerful and compact hydraulic winch for various tasks
    - Mounted on Avant loader quick attach plate, so you are also able to use the boom for lifting materials with the winch.
    - Equipped with wire rope guiding rollers
    - Equipped with a safety net screen

    Max. pulling force 1000 kp
    Max. reeling speed 0.5 m/s 20 l/min
    (recommended oil flow)
    Wire rope length 30 m
    Weight 105 kg

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