BIG Road Broom Bucket Sweeper

NSW,QLD,VIC - Delivers Nationally

BIG Road Broom Bucket Sweeper :      $8,500 AUD ($9,350 Inc. GST)

  • Specifications
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    The BIG bucket sweeper has particularly been designed for your skid steer or wheel loader and is standard equipped with a quick-hitch system. The huge shovel allows you to pick up large
    amounts of sweepings.

    This machine works totally different from ordinary road sweepers. The brush is mounted in front of the debris collector, which looks like a bucket. Advantage: the weight of the swept material comes close to the carrier-vehicle and ensures an excellent distribution of weight, which is very important, if you work with compact and skid steer loaders.

    Since the mounting point has been kept low, a good visibility for the driver is guaranteed. The
    edge on the shovel allows you to push off solidified sweepings. The resistant brush (100% PP, in
    honey-comb shape, Ø 600 mm) is easy to adjust and to exchange.

    The BIG is driven by a strong hydraulic motor, incl. overload protection that is placed inside the shaft. Thus, its well protected against any damage. A reinforcement kit makes your BIG the
    perfect machine for preparing hard standing (for instance for asphalt milling).

    Key features:

    - Forward Moving
    - Very Safe
    - Efficient Sweeping every time
    - Minimal Oil Flow Required
    - Suitable for Skid Steers, Front End Loaders, Telehandlers, Tractors
    - Can be Used as angle sweeper with no collection

    Hitch systems

    • Quick-hitch adapter for wheel loaders
    • Adapter for skid steer loaders (different from Bobcat system)Options

    • Reinforcement kit for continuous operation: Anti-wear strip made from armour steel / screw under
    knives in the bottom and on the side, double durability provided by simply turning the strip
    • Mixed brush (50% PP / 50% wire)
    • Fully adjustable hydraulic side brush (50% PP / 50% wire)
    • Water-spray system with 100 / 200 l tank, incl. intermitting-pump and switch board for dust suppression
    • Extra colour shade

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