Avant e5 Fully-Electric Battery-Powered Articulated Mini Loader

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Avant e5 Fully-Electric Battery-Powered Articulated Mini Loader :      Ask for Price

  • Specifications
    Loader Features:
    Auxiliary hydraulics
    Front work lights
    Joystick control
    Suspension seat
    Telescopic Boom

    Telescopic Boom | Lift capacity 900 kg | Lift height 2.8 m | Battery capacity 13.6 kWh | Speed 0-10 km/h | Fully Electric

    Fully electric articulated loader with zero-emission and extremely low noise is the answer to future demands. Although the eSeries loader is electric it offers the same power and properties as the Avant 500 series which is equipped with a diesel engine.

    Avant e5 electric compact articulated loader has an integrated battery charger as standard, which makes it possible to charge batteries anywhere a 230 volt / 10A power outlet is available.

    Avant e5 is equipped with a maintenance-free Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) battery. You can charge the e5 fully in 5 hours and work with it between one and two hours. This makes the e5 a very good option if your work allows you to charge for a longer period.

    - Lift capacity 900 kg
    - Over 200 attachments for a variety of jobs
    - Heated seat with seat belt and arm rests
    - Certified ROPS safety frame and FOPS canopy
    - 2 front LED worklights
    - Lift height 2.8 m
    - Battery capacity 13.6 kWh
    - Speed 0-10 km/h
    - Battery-driven, 100% full electric
    - No exhaust emissions, very low noise, built-in battery charger
    - Length 2,570 mm
    - Width (with standard tires) 1,130 mm
    - Height 1,985 mm
    - Weight 1,640 kg
    - Standard tires 23×10.50-12
    - Transmission, drive hydrostatic
    - Drive speed 10 km/h
    - Aux. hydraulics 30 l/min
    - Hydraulic oil cooler standard
    - Turning radius inside/outside 995 / 2,050 mm
    - Max. lifting height (with telescopic boom) 2,790 mm
    - Max. lifting capacity (hydr.) 1,350 kg
    - Tipping load *) 900 kg
    - Max. breakout force / 50 cm 1,100 kg
    - Battery type AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat)
    - Energy 13.6 kWh
    - Fuel electric

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